Exercise Classes for the Elderly in Cambridgeshire

Exercise Classes for the Elderly in Cambridgeshire

Exercise for the Elderly in Cambridgeshire

Staying as active as possible is increasingly important as we get older and is proven to keep people healthier for longer, reducing falls, cardio-respiratory diseases and obesity. Keeping active might be something simple like walking to the shops or doing some gardening but another option is to join a local exercise class in Cambridgeshire.

Exercises for the elderly can be chair-based, with an aim to increase mobility, aerobic fitness, strength and balance. In Cambridgeshire there are some more options including swimming, yoga or even walking football! On this page we have sought out the best exercise classes across the county and listed them for you. If you care for someone with dementia it is also worth checking out Age Space’s list of dementia-friendly exercise groups in Cambridgeshire.

Exercise Groups Across Cambridgeshire

BeWell Cambridgeshire

This county-wide initiative aims to keep seniors active by “Staying Stronger for Longer” with their strength and balance classes. Strength and Balance classes are built with the elderly in mind with the goal to build, surprisingly, strength and balance, reduce falls, and help keep elderly independent for longer.

Their classes are also a great opportunity to get out of the house and socialise with similar people. You can find a list of the available classes in Cambridgeshire, as well as so informative videos and home workout tutorials on the BeWell Cambridgeshire Website.

Walking for Health

Walking for Health in Cambridgeshire

Walking for Health is a national scheme encouraging people from all walks of life to get outside and do some gentle exercise. The walks are short and over easy terrain, aiming to be accessible to everyone but aimed at those who are least active.

Each Walk is led by a friendly and specially trained volunteer. You can find out more and find the nearest suitable walk on the Walking for Health website.

Exercise Groups for people who have had a Stroke

Exercise is known to be fundamental in achieving the maximum possible recovery following a stroke. There are some rehabilitation and Stroke Exercise Groups in Cambridgeshire that are specifically aimed at those recovering from a stroke, no matter where they are in their recovery. Follow the link above to find out more.

Exercise Groups for the elderly in Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire

Gentle Movements – Yoga

Gentle Yoga, based in Cambridge, is an independent yoga class for all ages and all mobility levels. The small, slow movements are perfect for moving the joints and helping with balance. The sessions, run by Moniek Hopman, are flexible for an individual’s mobility as exercises can be adjusted to chair-based ones if needed.

Classes meet on Tuesdays (1:30pm – 2:30pm) and Thursdays (11:30am – 12:30pm). The price is £9/session but the organiser states that if your absolutely unable to afford this that it could be flexible. The group meets at the Friends Meeting House, 1-93 Hartington Grove, Cambridge, CB1 7UB.

Contact Moniek Hopman to find out more at:

Swimming for the over 60s

For Cambridge residents that are aged 60 or older, they can swim at any of the Greenwich Leisure Limited-managed swimming pools in the city for a reduced price. With a Better Membership Card (£5/year) sessions are only £2.35 per visit.

You can find a list of GLL-managed pools on the city council website.

Cambridge United’s Walking Football

Want to say you played for Cambridge United? Okay so it might not be at the same pace or level of the Cambridge United’s Football Team but walking football is still a great way to stay active and social. Cambridge United Community Trust runs a beginner’s walking football session on Thursdays between 9am-10am at Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre.

Walking football is great for anyone wishing to stay active and is one of the few team games that is accessible to the elderly as a non-contact sport. Sessions cost £5.

Find out more on the Cambridge United Community Trust’s Website

Chair-Based Exercises

Cambridgeshire Celebrates Age has a booklet stuffed full of senior-friendly events and activities across South Cambridgeshire which includes plenty of chair-based exercise groups.

Find the full booklet here.

Exercise Groups for the elderly in East Cambridgeshire

Mature & Active Programme

To find exercise groups for seniors in East Cambridgeshire, the Mature & Programme from the district council has collected all the leisure activities for the over 50s in the area.

You can find a list of the leisure groups split by location, covering all the council’s sports and leisure centres in the district. Some of the exercises on offer include:

Yoga for the Elderly - Exercise for Seniors in Cambridgeshire
  • Chair-based exercises
  • Badminton
  • Short tennis
  • Carpet bowls
  • Strength and balance classes
  • T’ai Chi
  • Swimming
  • Snooker and more

Find out more by reading the East Cambridge Mature & Active Brochure here.

Exercise Groups for the elderly in Fenland

Active Fenland and Freedom Leisure

The council leisure services in Fenland are split between Active Leisure and Freedom Leisure. You can find a full list of upcoming events and group meetings on their websites, some of which we have listed below here.

  • Walking Football
    • @ The Hudson Centre, Wisbech, PE13 1RL
    • Various days
  • Forever Fit
    • @ The Hudson Centre
    • Every Tuesday
    • Activities include short mat bowls, table tennis and more
    • Refreshments provided
    • £2/person
  • Walk & Talk
  • Gentle Yoga
    • @ Oasis Centre, Wisbech, PE13 3NR
    • Various days
    • Easily adaptable for everyone
  • Over 55s Senior Circuits Programme
    • Easy and adaptable exercise circuit aiming to help improve fitness and reduce falls
    • £2/person

If you wish to book onto any of the above classes contact them using the details below:

Unlimited Swimming for the Over 75s

We would like to highlight what we feel is a great scheme for seniors where for just £10 a year, members over the age of 75 can enjoy unlimited, free swimming sessions at three leisure centres across Fenland. Just sign up at anyone of the participating centres to start. For more information on this email christopher.bryden@freedom-leisure.co.uk. The centres involved are:

Exercise Groups for the elderly in Huntingdonshire

Right Start

Exercise for older adults - Cambridgeshire

Right Start offers lots of different classes across the county specifically aimed at the older generation and those needing additional support to exercise. Each class is designed and led by trained instructors who make sure the safety and medical needs of the members are met, as well as providing a fun and friendly environment to meet new people and enjoy getting active.

Types of classes include Pilates, Aqua, Postural Stability, Strength & Balance and different levels of Chair-based exercises – you can find a full list on the website. The sessions cost £3.70/session (or 10 sessions for £32) and are spread across venues in Brampton, Buckden, Eynesbury, Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St Ives, St Neots, Warboys and Yaxley.

View the full list of classes, dates and times and book with Right Start using the details below.

Power 2 Inspire

Power 2 Inspire is a national initiative that has two classes in Huntingdonshire. They set up free sessions for the elderly to help with balance, strength, aerobic fitness and to just have fun with other members of the community. No matter what your parent’s level of mobility or fitness the exercises are able to be adjusted to suit them.

Find details of the Power 2 Inspire classes in Huntingdonshire below

St Ives

Easy armchair exercises for all to enjoy.

  • Where? St Ives Library, 4 Library Row, Station Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5BW
  • When? Wednesdays, 2pm – 3pm
  • Contact: 07342 036 029 / stives@power2inspire.org.uk


A seated fun, simple and accessible exercise class for strength and balance.

  • Where? Ramsey Library, 25 Great Whyte, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, PE26 1HG
  • When? Tuesdays, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
  • Contact: 07342 036 029 / ramsey@power2inspire.org.uk

Exercise Groups for the elderly in Peterborough

In Peterborough, VivaCity provides a lot of age-friendly exercise groups to enable residents to get out and get active. You can find all of these classes on the VivaCity website. Most classes are around £3-4/session.

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