Will Writing Services in Cambridgeshire – Average Fees of Solicitors in Cambridgeshire

Will Writing Services in Cambridgeshire – Average Fees of Solicitors in Cambridgeshire

Find Will writing services in Cambridgeshire

A Will is one of the most important documents will will write in our lives. There are options to get this job done – you can pay a solicitor in Cambridgeshire, use a Will writing service or make use of a DIY Will writer service online.

Will Writing services come in many forms, some more personal than others. Some providers offer a completely online service in which you fill out questionnaires based on circumstance, and they will fit all of your answers into a Will. Others might complement this with short phone or in person consultations. Both of these options are particularly useful where a Will is uncomplicated. These such services are almost always cheaper than an full in-person, detailed approach, but won’t work if a Will is more complicated, or the estate is particularly large.

Will writing services can be offered by Solicitors and Law firms or specific Will Writing companies. There are pros and cons to both. Age Space recommends that although specialised Will Writing Companies often offer their services for a reduced price, that paying for professional and comprehensive legal services from a solicitor is the prefered option.

Types of Wills differ too, from a simple standard Will where the instructions are straightforward, to those requiring more detail for more complicated estates. Similarly, the price can vary quite a bit too. Often, where two Wills will be largely the same, for a spouse for example, it can be a good, cost effective idea, to make both Wills at the same time (‘Mirror Wills’).

There is a lot to consider when writing a Will. On this page Age Space has listed some Will making services throughout Cambridgeshire with the contact details and price for a Standard Single Will, to give you an idea of cost. When researching or contacting a Will making service it is a good idea to ask if estate administration or Will storage are also offered, or included in the price.

If you are looking for Free Legal Advice Clinics in Cambridgeshire, click here.

What Solicitors Charge in Cambridgeshire for Writing a Will

Hegarty Solicitors, Peterborough

Hegarty Solicitors ask their clients to start the Will writing process online, but with the reassurance that this doesn’t reduce their access to a lawyer or advisor. Their team is available throughout the process to help with any questions you might have.

Standard Single Will – £250 (+VAT)

  • Address: Peterborough Office, 48 Broadway, Peterborough, Cambs, PE1 1YW
  • Telephone: 01733 346 333
  • Email: enquiries@hegarty.co.uk
  • Hegarty Solicitors Website

Irwin Mitchell, Cambridge

Irwin Mitchell offer an online Will writing service in which you fill out forms online to send for them to complete the Will for you. If a more personal service is required or preferred the option is still there, if at a higher price.

Standard Single Will – Online (£175), Postal (£195), Personal Service (£395)

RWA Legal, St Neots

RWA Legal have offices in Bedford and St Neots. They offer Will advice and writing for their clients at very competitive pricing.

Single Standard Will – £85

  • Address: Church View House, 17 Church View, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 2BB
  • Email: info@rwalegal.co.uk
  • Telephone: 01480 290 060
  • RWA Legal Website

Slater and Gordon Lawyers, Cambridge

Slater and Gordon is a national law firm who have an office in Cambridge. Their Will writing services are priced depending on the amount of person-to-person time you require. For the minimum, you can do a DIY Online Will for £42. The price increases to £150 for a 15 minute telephone call with a solicitor. There are other options available.

Wills Jacobsen, Broughton

Wills Jacobsen specialises in Will writing and probate law, offering home visits around the Huntingdon area where necessary. They pride themselves in the service they offer to the older and more vulnerable of their clients.

Single Straightforward Will – £240

  • Address: 1 Broughton Business Centre, Causeway Road, Broughton, Huntingdon, PE28 3AR
  • Telephone: 01487 808 000
  • Email: info@willsjacobsen.co.uk
  • Wills Jacobsen Website

Ward Gethin Archer, Chatteris and Ely

Will Writing Services in Cambridgeshire

Ward Gethin Archer (WGA) have two offices in North East and East Cambridgeshire. They also offer a free Will storage facility and can provide home or hospital visits where required.

Single Straightforward Will – £192

  • Ely
    • Address: Market Place, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4QN
    • Telephone: 01353 662 203
    • Email: reception.ely@wardgethinarcher.co.uk
  • Chatteris
    • Address: 9 Park Street, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6AB
    • Telephone: 01354 692 607
    • Email: reception.chatteris@wardgethinarcher.co.uk
  • WGA Website

Alternative Will Making Services in Cambridgeshire

The below are companies that only provide limited services around Will making. Often specific Will Writers can offer services for less than solicitors can, but won’t provide the same level of legal advice, which might be relevant in more complicated circumstances. We’ve included them here to give you the option, however, Age Space recommends seeking professional legal advice when writing a Will.

Heritage Will Writers, St Ives

2018 and 2019 Regional and National Will Writing Organisation of the Year, Heritage Will Writers offer free home visits, in-person and telephone consultations.

Standard Single Will – £169

  • Address: HLC Business Centre, 5 The Quay, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 5AR
  • Telephone: 01603 894 500
  • Email: hello@heritagewill.co.uk
  • Heritage Website

Sharpe’s Will Writing Services, Rushden

Based in Rushden, Northamptonshire, Sharpe’s offers their Will writing services to residents of Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Neots in Cambridgeshire. Start with a free consultation.

Single Standard Will – £129

  • Address: Sharpe’s Will Writing Service, Poppy Cl, Rushden NN10 0TX
  • Telephone: 01933 588 016
  • Email: info@sharpewills.com
  • Sharpe Wills Website

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