Guide to Downsizing your home

Guide to Downsizing your home

We’re not keen on the term ‘downsizing’, we like to refer to it as ‘resizing’. The word downsizing implies that there is no longer the need for a large space, but the truth is that when we get older we no longer desire to keep lots of ‘stuff’, we want simplicity and to have more experiences – cutting costs allows us to do just that.

To stop the process of moving feel overwhelming, here’s our guide to a successful resize.

Start the declutter early

Once you’ve decided on the type of property you want to move to consider the space you will have. If you’re going from a 4-bedroom property to a 2-bedroom bungalow, you’ll need less bedding and so on. If you’re moving to a property without a garage, be ruthless in this area! Split everything into groups for ‘charity’, ‘bin’ and ‘keep’.

For now, keep anything with an emotional attachment, you can always go through this once you’ve moved. Don’t underestimate how emotional a move can be and you may find comfort in items you didn’t realise held so many precious memories.

Ask family members if they want to take any unwanted furniture or ask a local charity to collect, such as:

Give yourself plenty of time – reduce the stress


Don’t rush the process. Decluttering can start months in advance by setting aside one day a week to go through your items.  Decisions on what to keep and throw away are best made when you are not under time-pressure. When you feel rushed you might make the wrong decision and give something away that you later regret.


Start small

When you stop to think about the amount of items in your home it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Our advice is to not think about everything at once. Go through your home area by area. Even starting to declutter your airing cupboard is one step closer. It’s surprising just many towels one household can acquire.

Take your time and share memories

MemoriesOne of the most enjoyable parts of going through cupboards and boxes which have remained unopened for years, is to find hidden gems – those photos you’d forgotten about, the trinket boxes with that first curl.

Allow yourself time to stop in the moment and allow those memories to come flooding back. And once you’ve moved consider buying scrap books, new photo albums and place the photos together with your notes about who is in the pictures.

Enlist the help of grandchildren to sell things for you

We all know the saying ‘one man’s clutter could be another man’s treasure’. If there are items which you no longer need, but could raise you some money consider using Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved or eBid. And if you’re tech-savvy enough to do this yourself then what are you waiting for, but don’t be tempted to buy any new stuff!

HeirloomsGive away those treasured heirlooms

We all have those special pieces from old clocks to pieces of jewellery that we plan to leave to a friend or family member in our wills. Why not give these legacy items to their intended recipient now and share the joyous moment?

Ask for help with the move

If you don’t like to ask friends and family to help on ‘move-day’ there are other alternatives to look out for. Senior Move Partnership work closely with companies in the area such as Adlington Moving Made Easy.

Invite everyone round!

Once you’re settled, don’t forget to let everyone know where you are. Why not have a get together so you can share the memories you have found and see what others remember about those sentimental items.

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