Respite Care in Dorset

Respite Care in Dorset

respite care in dorset

Why might you need to find respite care in Dorset? Being a carer can be tiring and demanding, and sometimes you need a break. Respite care gives carers the opportunity to take some time off for as little as one afternoon, or as long as a few weeks.

Some carers feel guilty about taking a break, but feeling rested and having some time to yourself can enable you to feel at-your-best when you return to caring.

Additionally, the period of respite care can give the person being cared for the opportunity to meet new people and be involved in fun, social activities.

Respite Care Homes in Dorset

Respite care is available from many care homes in Dorset. You can use the directories below to find respite care that is local to you and meets your needs.

When choosing respite care, it is important to check if your chosen care home can accommodate to the specific needs (e.g. mobility, dementia) of the person that you’re caring for. As well as this, the directories listed below have a rating system which you should consult.

Day Care Centres in Dorset

Day care centres also offer respite care on a shorter term basis – most commonly for one day at a time. This can be helpful for when you feel you need a short break. 

While at a day care centre the person you’re caring for will have the opportunity to meet new people, and engage in social activities. Some day care centres also offer bathing, nail-trimming and hair-cutting services. To find out more.

You can find information on daycare centres in Dorset here.

Respite homecare in Dorset

Respite care can also take place at home, as this may be more practical for some elderly people than visiting a care home or day care centre. Respite homecare means that trained staff will come your relative’s home and provide round-the-clock care for them there, while you are away. 

The Dorset Council directory allows you to search for homecare respite services by postcode.

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