Carer Support Groups in Essex

Carer Support Groups in Essex

Carer support groups can be a source of information, advice and practical support for people that care for their elderly parents. Being a carer is a demanding role and it’s helpful to know about all the support that exists for you. On this page, we take you through some of the organisations that provide support to carers in Essex and how to organise a Carer’s Assessment from Essex County Council.

Getting a Carer's Assessment in Essex

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A Carer’s Assessment is the means by which Essex County Council find out how they can best support you in your role as a carer. This will be carried out through a conversation between you and one of the council’s trained representatives to understand how caring affects your day-to-day life and work out what the council can do to help you.

This might include a personal budget to use for your caring needs, free training or assistance connecting to local support.

To apply for a Carer’s Assessment, you should contact the council’s Carer Benefits team using the contact details provided.

Find Carer Support Groups in Essex

Carers FIRST Essex

Carers FIRST provide a comprehensive range of services to carers in Essex, including emotional and practical support, information and advice, access to training, social activities and more. They offer one-to-one help, meaning your support will be personalised to you. It is recommended that you register with them at their Carers Hub, which you can do using this online Self-Referral Form.

Carers Choices

Carers Choices are an Essex-based charity that provide support to carers through day care centres and in-home respite care. If you get in contact with them, they can also help you to organise and prepare for a Carers Assessment, and access other local support.

Action for Family Carers

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Action for Family Carers (AFFC) offer a range of services for adult carers in Essex. This includes practical advice, help accessing local services and assistance in preparing for a Carer’s Assessment. AFFC also offer a free, confidential Counselling Service for carers who need someone to speak to.

Community Agents Essex

Community Agents Essex is an initiative that links professionals with volunteers who support older people and unpaid carers to plan and carry out independent living solutions from within their local community. Their Community Agents will come and meet with you and your relative to discuss any problems that you are facing and assist in devising solutions that work for you both.