Elderly Care Services in Essex

Elderly Care Services in Essex

Essex has a large and growing elderly population so elderly care services are particularly important. Navigating the different types of care for older people can be a challenge, and sometimes it is hard to know who to contact for help. Additionally, it can be difficult to know what services you need a referral for, and which you can self-refer to.

On this page Age Space will break down for you how elderly health and care services are provided in Essex by the NHS and Essex County Council.

NHS Services for the Elderly in Essex

Clinical Commissioning Groups

NHS health services in Essex

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are responsible for buying and organising health services and resources for local residents, including the elderly. Each CCG’s duties to local elderly people include hospital care, emergency care, rehabilitation, mental health services, disability services and community health services.

There are seven Clinical Commissioning Groups in Essex, links to which you can find below. Within each CCG there are many GPs, one of which will be your relative’s local and go-to point of communication with a medical professional.

Major Hospitals and Hospices in Essex

Accident and Emergency hospitals in Essex

Below we have listed the names and locations of Essex’s major hospitals, all of which have accident and emergency services. These can be useful to note down in case of an emergency situation.

There are a number of hospices in Essex providing palliative care. You can learn more about Essex hospice services in greater detail from our page on Palliative Care in Essex.

How to find your Local GP

You can search for your nearest Essex GP by entering your postcode in to this useful tool on the NHS website.

Local Authority Elderly Care Services in Essex

Essex County Council are responsible for elderly social care services in Essex as part of their adult social care provisions. Aside from housing, most of the local authorities within Essex do not offer adult social care services, meaning that it is best to contact Essex County Council directly with your adult social care questions or concerns.

You can contact the Essex County Council adult social care team at 0345 603 7630 or by email at socialcaredirect@essex.gov.uk. If you want to find out more about the adult social care services provided by Essex County Council then you can read about them on the ECC Website.

Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Essex

A Care Needs Assessment is a means by which the council work out what an individual’s care needs are, and what they can offer in order to support them. You can book a care needs assessment by contacting Essex County Council. To find out more, you can look at our page on How to Apply for a Care Needs Assessment in Essex.

Specialist Mental Health Services for the Elderly in Essex

NHS Older People's Community Mental Health Services in Essex

If you are worried about your elderly relative’s mental health then the first thing you should do is should organise for you and your relative to speak with their GP or health professional.

The NHS advise that it is worth getting in contact with their GP if your relative is having mood swings, experiencing agitation or withdrawal, or is struggling with memory loss or confusion.

Your GP may refer your relative to one of the Older Peoples’ Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) that support older people requiring specialist mental health services in Essex. These teams can help your relatives by carrying out assessments, planning and monitoring care, organising rehabilitation and more. You can learn about the work that Older Peoples’ CMHTs do from the NHS website.

Although we recommend speaking to your relative’s GP first, CMHTs do also accept self-referrals. You can get in contact with your nearest Older Person’s CMHT using the contact details below:

  • Basildon Older People’s CMHT: 01268 739151
  • Brentwood Older People’s CMHT: 01277 265300
  • Castle Point & Rochford Older People’s CMHT: 01268 366470
  • Southend Older People’s CMHT: 01702 226190
  • Thurrock Older People’s CMHT: 01375 413910

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