Will Writing Services in Essex – Average Fees of Solicitors in Essex

Will Writing Services in Essex – Average Fees of Solicitors in Essex

A Will is one of the most important documents we will write in our lives. There are multiple options available to get this job done – you can pay a solicitor in Essex, use a Will Writing service or make use of a DIY Will Writing service online.

Will Writing services come in many forms, some more personal than others. Some providers offer a completely online service in which you fill out questionnaires based on circumstance and they will fit all of your answers into a Will. Others might complement this with short phone or in person consultations. Both of these options are particularly useful when a Will is uncomplicated and are almost always cheaper than a fully in-person, detailed approach. However, if a Will is more complicated, or the estate is particularly large, these options will be less beneficial.

Will Writing services can also be offered by solicitors and law firms or specific Will Writing companies. There are pros and cons to both; Age Space recommends that although specialised Will Writing Companies often offer their services for a reduced price, paying for professional and comprehensive legal services from a solicitor is the preferred option to have the job done right.

Types of Wills differ too, from a simple standard Will where the instructions are straightforward, to those requiring more detail for more complicated estates. These different types of Will can vary the pricing a fair amount. Often, where two Wills will be largely the same, for example in the case of a spouse, it can be a good, cost effective idea, to make both Wills at the same time, known as ‘Mirror Wills’.

There is a lot to consider when writing a Will. On this page, AgeSpace has listed some Will making services throughout Essex, alongside their contact details and a cost indicator where possible. When researching or contacting a Will making service it is a good idea to ask if estate administration or Will storage are also offered, or included in the price.

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What Solicitors Charge in Essex for Writing a Will

E.J. Coombs Solicitors, Chelmsford

Solicitors support with will-writing in Essex

E J Coombs Solicitors have an office on the outskirts of Chelmsford, in Danbury. They can provide your relative or relatives with either single wills or mirror Wills.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £300
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £420

Kew Law Solicitors

Kew Law are experts in Will-writing and are happy to travel to your elderly relative’s home to discuss their options and go about writing the will. They also have 11 offices throughout Essex if your relative is happy to travel.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £210 + VAT
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £350 + VAT

Sanders Witherspoon, Billericay

Sanders Witherspoon’s experienced team of Will and probate solicitors offer a fixed fee Will writing service, with no hidden charges for annual or monthly storage. They can talk your relative through all their available will options.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £250 + VAT
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £350 + VAT

Sternberg Reed, Grays

A solicitor in Grays, Essex, helping to write a will.

Sternberg Reed are a solicitors are based in Grays, with an experienced team that will be able to help your relative every step of the way with their will-writing. They also provide a free, initial consultation over the phone.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £250 + VAT
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £450 + VAT

Braintree Wills, Braintree

Braintree Wills are a specialist Will-making service who can provide their expertise to people living in and around Braintree, Colchester or Chelmsford. They offer a range of Wills and can provide a free phone consultation to your relative.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £216
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £300

  • Address: Suite 3 13, 9 Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9AE
  • Telephone: 01376 349366
  • Visit Website

Oliver's Wills, Epping

Oliver’s Wills is a specialist Will-writing service based in the Epping area, providing a local and efficient service for people in Essex. Their team primarily travel to visit your relative in their own homes, but can arrange an office based appointment if required.

  • Standard Single Will starts at: £240
  • Standard Mirror Will starts at: £360

Paragon Legal Services, Colchester

Paragon Legal Services offer a highly affordable Will-writing service. Their staff are happy to travel to your relative’s home to discuss their Will options and receive instruction on writing their Will. They also provide telephone appointments.

Standard Single Will starts at: £49.99 + VAT

  • Address: Communications House No. 15, 9 St John's Street, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7NN
  • Telephone: 0800 0747 642
  • Visit Website

Bright & Sons Solicitors, Maldon, Tiptree and Witham

Bright & Sons can provide specialist support with Will-writing to people living in and around the Danbury, Maldon, Tiptree and Witham areas.

  • Office Locations
  • Telephone (Danbury): 01245 226444
  • Telephone (Maldon): 01621 852323
  • Telephone (Tiptree): 01621 819019
  • Telephone (Witham): 01376 512338
  • Visit Website