Southampton Airport Special Assistance for the Elderly

Southampton Airport Special Assistance for the Elderly

Southampton Airport is small, easy to navigate and well set up for elderly passengers who may need extra assistance to make their journey as easy as possible. Staff are trained to help, and the airport has been designed with ease of accessibility in mind at all points.

The airport flies to regional destinations across the UK and to popular holiday destinations across the continent.

Special Travel Assistance at Southampton Airport

Booking Special Assistance

If you require special assistance while at the airport, you need to inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent at least 48 hours before you fly. It is best to give as much notice as possible before outbound and return flights, so that the airport can make all necessary arrangements for assistance.

Contact details of Southampton airlines to pre-arrange special assistance.

Southampton airport disabled seating

Accessible Airport Facilities

Most of the airport is on one level making it easy to navigate and great for wheelchair ease. There is a lift in the departure lounge for passengers to access first floor restaurants and bars. Accessible toilets are located on the main concourse and within the departure lounge.

Facilities for the Hard of Hearing and Partially Sighted

Hearing Loops

Portable hearing loops are available at the Special Assistance Desk, in the Central Search area and within Border Search Arrivals area.

Blind and Partially Sighted Passengers

Staff at the airport have undergone appropriate training to assist partially sighted and blind passengers. A member of staff at the Special Assistance Desk will be able to help, and allocate a chaperone.

Assistance and Guide Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed in the airport and to travel, if they are registered with the Pet Travel Scheme, and allowed with your airline and travel destination.

More information and support on travelling with guide and assistance dogs.

Hidden Disability Assistance at Southampton Airport

If your elderly relative has a hidden disability such as Dementia, they may require special assistance for the duration of their journey. Ensure that this is booked through the airline, tour operator or travel agent at least 48 hours before your relative flies.

Southampton airport staff are able to organise a pre-visit to the airport, if you feel this will be beneficial to your elderly relative email to arrange this. Please note that due to security reasons, airport visits are limited to land side areas only.

The airport also provides a ‘Quiet’ route, and where possible will open a separate check-in desk and security lane. Reserved seating areas are also available for those with hidden disabilities to relax and wait for their flight.

There is a choice to wear a ‘Helping Hands’ lanyard, whilst moving through the airport. Airport staff are trained to recognise the lanyards and provide additional support where they can. These are available from the Special Assistance Desk.

Travelling with Mobility Aids at Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport elderly travel with wheelchair

Your relative can then travel with their mobility aid up until the point of boarding the aeroplane. The Special Assistance team will then ensure the mobility aid is on board the plane and your loved one is seated safely (ramps are available where stairs are used for fully-able passengers).

When arriving at Southampton airport, mobility aids are reunited with passengers at the aeroplane side straight after disembarking. However, this may not be the same for destinations so make sure to check destination special assistance airport policy.

Disabled Parking at Southampton Airport

Southampton airport disabled parking

Blue badge parking is available in the short stay car park close to the terminal and in the long stay car park close to the bus stops. Find out more about blue badge parking at Southampton Airportpick up/drop off arrangements or parking charges.

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