Continuing Healthcare Funding in Hampshire

Continuing Healthcare Funding in Hampshire

NHS continuing healthcare funding in Hampshire

What is Continuing Healthcare Funding? When people live with long-term and/or complex health needs, they are eligible for free social and health care completely funded by the NHS. This means to access NHS funding, your relative must:

  • have ongoing and significant physical and/mental health conditions.
  • be in the position where healthcare needs can not be prevented; funding intends to ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

This Continuing Healthcare can be provided outside the hospital, in your relative’s home or in a care home. For more information on Continuing Healthcare Funding please visit the Age Space Guide to NHS Funded Care.

How to Apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding in Hampshire:

If you are thinking about applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, the best person to talk to is your relative’s GP. If your elderly relative has recently been in hospital, it is likely that healthcare professionals here will recommend applying if they think your relative is eligible.

Initial Screening

The first step in the process involves a healthcare professional taking your relative through an initial screening process. This can take place at a GP surgery, hospital, care home or the home. Staff will use an NHS checklist to help assess needs.

This checklist will then be sent to the Continuing Healthcare Funding committee for Hampshire who will make the decision over whether you are eligible for the next step – a full assessment.

Full Assessment

The second step is a full assessment. This involves a multi-disciplinary team of health and social care staff in Hampshire, who have been previously involved in your relative’s care. The team will assess in terms of 12 areas of need, to decide whether your relative has a primary healthcare need. In particular, the team will look at the complexity, intensity and predictability of your relative’s condition.

The team will then put forward their recommendations to the local CCG, who will make the final decision about funding. It is worth noting that for less than 1 of every 3 cases that undergo a multi-disciplinary assessment result in funding.

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are covered by 8 CCGs. You can identify what CCG your elderly relative lives in by entering their postcode on the NHS website. However, only 4 of these CCGs handle NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (West Hampshire hosts for neighbouring CCGs).

Click on the appropriate CCG below to be redirected to their Continuing Healthcare Funding page. Here, you can find more details of the process, and contact details to discuss circumstances or make an initial appointment.

NHS continuing healthcare funding in Hampshire

Want to know more? Listen to our Age Space podcast on continuing health care funding for discussion on this complicated issue.

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