Befriending Services for the Elderly in Hertfordshire

Befriending Services for the Elderly in Hertfordshire

Befriending Services for the Elderly in Hertfordshire

Many older people in the UK report feeling lonely, particularly those who find it more difficult to leave the house. Befriending services for the elderly in Hertfordshire can help to minimise loneliness by providing a friendly chat or cup of tea on a regular basis. Hertfordshire’s befriending services are adaptable to your relative’s needs and can provide their support in-person, over-the-phone or by email.

Other options your relative might want to consider if they are looking to socialise are Hertfordshire’s Lunch Clubs for the Elderly and the many Day Care Centres in Hertfordshire. Both of these options provide older people with opportunities to meet new friends, take part in group activities and enjoy a cooked meal.

Below you can find out more about the befriending services that may be able to support your relative in Hertfordshire.

Find Local Befriending Services Across Hertfordshire

Age UK Hertfordshire Befriending

Age UK Hertfordshire - Befriending Services

Age UK Hertfordshire offer both telephone and face-to-face befriending services. With their telephone befriending scheme your relative can organise to have a weekly phone call with one of Age UK’s friendly volunteers. Their face-to-face befriending service offers friendship through a weekly home visit from a carefully matched volunteer to share news, views and interests.

To get in contact with your relative’s local Age UK Hertfordshire befriending service, you can use the phone numbers below.

  • East Herts and Broxbourne: 07772 173659
  • North Hertfordshire and Stevenage: 07976 207619
  • St Albans, Harpenden and Hertsmere: 07772 173 822
  • Watford and Three Rivers:  07976 207619
  • Welwyn Hatfield: 07527 660988

Age UK Dacorum

If your relative lives in Dacorum, they will be eligible for support from Age UK Dacorum’s own befriending services. Their team will attempt to match your relative with one of their face-to-face befriending volunteers with similar hobbies and interests to ensure they will always have something to talk about.

Age UK Dacorum also operate a Telephone Club to provide a listening ear and supportive chat with one of their volunteers for those who are less keen on a visitor.

For more information on either of these services you can visit their website or get in touch using the contact details below.

St. Albans Good Neighbour Scheme

Hertfordshire Befriending Services - St. Albans Good Neighbour Scheme

The St. Albans Good Neighbour Scheme can provide befriending for older people living in St. Albans, either in person or over the phone. Their service is run entirely by volunteers, who will provide either a weekly phone call or visit your relative at their home for a cup of tea and chat.