Stroke Support Services in Kent

Stroke Support Services in Kent

There is lots of help available to people affected by stroke and their families in Kent, beyond that which is offered by the NHS and local council. From large national charities with regional branches, to local stroke support services and groups, on this page you can find out about all the support available to make life easier for people affected by stroke in Kent.

Kent Stroke Support Services

Stroke Association – Stroke Recovery Service

Elderly Woman undergoing stroke rehabilitation at a Kent Stroke Support Services

The Stroke Recovery Service provide wide-ranging support for people affected by stroke, including practical advice and emotional support. They understand that stroke affects carers and family members also, and will work with you to develop a personalised plan to assist you in rebuilding life after stroke.

Below you can find links to the Stroke Recovery Services available in Kent, as well as their contact details.




Telephone: 01227 783023


Telephone: 01634 382868

South Kent Coast

Telephone: 07799 436060


Telephone: 07703 319061


Telephone: 07717 275724

West Kent

Telephone: 01622 351963 

Adult Speech and Language Therapy

Adult Speech and Language Therapy in Kent is provided by the NHS Kent Communty Health NHS Foundation Trust. They work in community clinics, hospitals, private homes and nursing and residential homes to assist patients manage a variety of communication disorders, including people affected by stroke. You can contact the team using the contact details below.

East Kent Telephone: 0300 123 0785
West Kent Telephone: 01732 376813
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Stroke Support Groups in Kent

Stroke Support Services allowing rehabilitation at home with tea

Long term peer and social support is a vital lifeline for everyone affected by stroke. Clubs and Groups give people the opportunity to speak to people experiencing something similar to themselves, and share advice.

There are a fantastic number of stroke support groups operating in Kent, including art clubs, book clubs, exercise and education groups, choirs, and groups simply for discussion and conversation.

Stroke Association Clubs and Groups

Below are a list of stroke groups, clubs and choirs in Kent. You can find out more about the addresses, activities, and who to contact by following the links below.

You can enter your postcode on the Stroke Association website to find out which of these clubs and groups are closest to you. Alternatively you can contact their Stroke Helpline on 0303 30 33 100, who can talk to you about talk to you about the effects of stroke, and what help and support is available for you.

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