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Legal Matters in Merseyside

If you’re lucky your parents are organised and have sorted out the legal arrangements regarding inheritance and the practicalities of money, as well as the support from you and others they might need. If not, this is the legal stuff that you need to be organising

This section covers the most important legal aspects you need to consider. The priorities are the will and a power of attorney. However, we also recognise that if these are not in place when you might need them, having the conversations about such matters are probably the single hardest thing to achieve.

Below are the links to the main legal issues you should consider.

Writing a Will

Writing a Will is one of those things which few of us want to think about, but having a Will can be incredibly reassuring.

Power Of Attorney

If your parents are still of sound mind but want to give you or someone they trust the authority to make decisions about their finances they can set up an Ordinary Power of Attorney

Do you speak legal?

Talking to your parents about their wishes as they age can be tricky, so sorting out the legal aspects with them in advance will make life easier in future.