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Care at Home Norfolk

Recognising that your parents or relatives need more care at home can be difficult. No-one wants to admit they can’t cope, and most of us are reluctant to have people in the house more than is necessary.

Sometimes the need for help is a gradual process as everyday tasks become more challenging.  Other times you might need to arrange care quickly in response to a particular situation.  The goal is to enable people to live independently and happy in their own homes for as long as possible so in this section we cover all aspects of getting more care at home.


There is lots of help available in Norfolk and this section will point you in the right direction for getting more care at home.

We have a checklist of things to look out for and questions to ask.  The first place to start is by encouraging your parents to get an ‘assessment’ from Norfolk County Council which will provide them with a clear guide to the help they need, what help they can get, and critically, who will pay for that care.

Do your parents need more help at home?

Assessing if your parents need more help is the first important step. Sometimes it can be hard to tell!

Norfolk County Council Care Assessment 

Anyone needing care support is eligible for a care assessment from the Norfolk County Council Social Care team.

Guide to employing a care agency in Norfolk

Some useful advice on what to look for and questions to ask when employing a care agency. 

Hiring a Private Carer - The Pros & Cons

Some useful advice on hiring a private carer and our top 10 tips on making the process easier. 

Self Funding Care

If you’re not entitled to Local Authority funding support, you will have to manage care fees yourself. Our financial experts Almary Green offer some great advice. 

How to spot elderly abuse

What constitutes abuse – how to spot the signs – what to do if you suspect abuse – how to report it.