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A Guide to Care Homes in Norfolk

If the situation is becoming overwhelming and you feel it’s no longer safe for your parents to stay living at home, then it’s time to think about care homes. But what should you do?  From getting the all important care assessment, to deciding what care and where, these are big decisions you don’t need to make alone.  There is a range of local Norfolk related information in this section to help.



Counting the cost of moving into care

Financial advice if you have an elderly parent who is considering moving into a care home or a Housing with Care scheme in Norfolk.

Getting care needs assessed

Local authorities in Norfolk are obliged to undertake a care needs assessment for your elderly parents regardless of their financial situation which is important when considering a care home option. 

The insiders guide to choosing a care home in Norfolk

A helpful checklist which you can print off and take with you when visiting care homes, there are lots of things you will need to think about.. 

Respite care in Norfolk

Respite care can give both the carer and the cared for a much needed break.



Next Steps

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