Patient Transport Services in Norfolk for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Norfolk for the Elderly

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) can be provided by the NHS to eligible patients across Norfolk. This service can be used for transport to hospital appointments, treatment centres and hospital transfers, but not for travel to a GP, dentist, A&E clinic, or minor injury unit.

NEPTS’ in Norfolk are currently contracted to ERS Medical and E-Zec Medical Transport (Great Yarmouth).

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service - Norfolk

Read on to understand whether or not your elderly relative is eligible for the service and how to go about booking transport. If a necessary journey doesn’t meet NEPTS criteria, it may be worth taking a look at Age Space’s guide to Community Transport Services in Norfolk.  

Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Norfolk

NEPTS is always in incredibly high demand across the country, so there is a strict criteria for eligibility. In order to book transport, both journey and personal details will need to meet specific requirements, as detailed below.

Which journeys are eligible?

  • Journeys to a pre-booked hospital appointment or treatment centre appointment. This does not include GP or dental appointments, A&E, walk-in centres or minor injury units.
  • Journeys that start and end at the patient's home. You will not be able to be dropped off at a different location on the return journey.

Who is eligible?

  • Patients who need additional medical support or assistance during the course of the journey.
  • Patients who have limited mobility, for example those who require a wheelchair or stretcher.


Someone is able to travel with you only in exceptional circumstances, as pre-booking is required. These depend on medical needs and will be assessed over the phone when booking.

Booking Patient Transport Services

If you believe that your elderly relative fulfils the eligibility criteria, you can arrange NEPTS transport over the phone by calling 0333 240 4100.

You should have their NHS number, GP details and picking-up address handy when you make the booking, as well as being prepared to answer some questions regarding their eligibility.