Respite Care in Surrey

Respite Care in Surrey

Respite care means taking a break from caring, while the person you care for is looked after by someone else. It means you can take some time out from your caring duties to take care of yourself and focus on other areas of your life. This is really important, and prevents you from becoming burnt out.

Respite care in Surrey

There are 4 main types of elderly respite care. Please read our full Age Space Elderly Respite Care Guide for more information.

This article will explore available respite care options available in Surrey. When looking for the right respite care, these 5 factors are useful to consider:

  1. Location
  2. Notice they require to allocate a space
  3. Maximum or minimum limit on length of stay
  4. Ability to accommodate specific care requirements
  5. CQC Rating and Reviews

Using this criteria and the guide below, you are sure to find a care option right for you are your elderly relative.

You may also want to take a look at Carer Support Groups in Surrey.

Respite Care Homes in Surrey

Many residential Care Homes offer short-term stay facilities to provide respite care. Respite care in a Care Home is ideal if your elderly relative is thinking about eventually moving into a Care Home. It gives you both a chance to see what you make of the care and facilities.

There are more than 200 Care Homes in Surrey offering respite care. You can find the right option for your family by searching on Care Home. You can filter by district and postal town. Each Care Home has full information on facilities, reviews and contact details.

Day Care Centres in Surrey

Day care centre offer a chance to socialise, often with meal provision and a schedule of activities. Some centres also offer personal care, and transport to collect elderly visitors from their home. Visiting a day centre, can become a regular occurrence, from daily to weekly to monthly, whatever suits you.

Please visit our Surrey Day Care Centres Guide.

Respite Homecare in Surrey

Respite Homecare may be the best option if your elderly relative still lives at home (or lives in your home but you are going away for a while). Trained carers will temporarily visit your relative to provide care and ensure they have everything they need.

Crossroads Care Surrey

Crossroads Care Surrey is a leading, registered charity for Carers in Surrey. It has been providing vital respite breaks to unpaid Carers for over 30 years. The service is free – funded by Surrey County Council and the NHS.

Crossroads Care employ and train Carer Support Workers who will visit your home to look after your loved one – a minimum break of 3.5 hours of care per week. This means you can have some time to yourself, an important break.

Carer Support Workers can also work to allow you to take holidays. They can look after your loved one in your home whilst you are away, meaning you can enjoy stress-free break. If you would like your elderly relative to come away with you, sometimes a Crossroads carer can come too for support.

Telephone: 01372 869 970

Bluebird Homecare

Bluebird homecare respite care, Surrey

Bluebird Homecare provide respite care and support for people with complex needs in the comfort of their own homes. There services range from a sitting service for a couple of hours up to temporary 24/7 live-in care. Care is personalised, so you can make a plan with your elderly relative to ensure support is exactly how you would both like.

Across Surrey there are 4 Bluebird hubs providing a respite care service. Please find appropriate contact details below to find out more information and book respite care:

  • Elmbridge & Runnymede
    • Telephone: 01932 567593
    • Email:
  • Epsom & Kingston
    • Telephone: 01372 822875 
    • Email:
  • Reigate
    • Telephone: 01737 247111
    • Email:
  • Rushmoor & Surrey Heath
    • Telephone: 01276 683577
    • Email:

Surrey Carer’s Emergency Card

A Carer’s Emergency Card lets people know about your caring responsibilities in the event on an accident or emergency. This ensures the person you look after will be taken care of.

The card is provided free of charge by Surrey County Council. It includes emergency contact numbers for two friends or neighbours, who can be contacted to step in to help. It should be carried in your bag or wallet at all times.

You can ask for a card even of you:

  • do not live with the person you care for
  • are not the only person providing care to someone
  • are not related to the person you care for

To request a Carer’s Emergency Card contact Surrey County Council Information and Advice Helpline using details provided below:

Telphone: 0300 200 1005 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm)

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