Christmas Gifts For The Elderly

Christmas Gifts For The Elderly

Christmas shopping for someone you love can often be stressful. There is so much choice. And how are you supposed to know what they want? Especially if the person you are shopping for is getting older and what their needs are changing.

Age Space has put together a list of potential Christmas presents for elderly relatives. Here you will find just a few gift ideas that will be practical but also put a smile on your relative’s face on Christmas Day.


A Large Clock

Is your older relative having trouble reading their clock these days? Then get them a bigger clock with larger, clearer numbers. This could be a special clock that is designed for elderly people (some of which even talk) or you could just head out to a department store and find an extra-large clock that is still trendy and fashionable. Specially designed large calendars are also available online for older generations. They still have beautiful pictures but are easier for older people to read. have researcher 5 great clocks all available on amazon.

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A Puzzle

Puzzles may seem ‘old-fashioned’ but they never stop being good fun, especially at Christmas. You may not know, however, that puzzles are also good for the brain. It has been scientifically proven that completing puzzles can improve spatial awareness and memory function. This makes it an ideal present for an older person, especially if they have Alzheimer’s or dementia. And of course, it would be a fun family activity to complete with the grandkids on Christmas day! Check out the Alzheimers Store for lots of ideas.



If your elderly parent or relative is a bit of a book worm you might be tempted to get them book for Christmas. But if they are starting to struggle with their eyesight there are better options out there then a traditional paperback. You can get them an audiobook subscription instead, where they can download a new audiobook to their smartphone every month. You can also find large print copies of many popular books these days in mainstream bookshops, which would also make great presents. Read more about audio books on our Top 10 Podcast recommendations. 

sleep maskAn Eye Mask

An eye mask is always an easy stocking filler, and not something people often think to buy for themselves. Also, a simple eye mask can be a great tool to help someone get a better night’s sleep, which is essential to good health. Wearing one at night can be very relaxing, helpful at avoiding distractions when trying to drift off and it prevents the chance of being woken up by lights through the curtains. So it can be an incredibly useful present. See our page on – helping someone with Dementia to sleep better. 

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An Experience

When someone gets older it can be easy for them to get stuck in their ways and not indulge in new experiences. This Christmas organise something for them that they wouldn’t usually do: like a day trip or tickets to the theatre. It will get them out of the house, exploring new places and new ideas.

You can always go will them as well if you are concerned about them travelling on their own. You’d also be giving your relative the gift of some quality time together, making it an incredibly personal gift.

slippersWarm Clothes

If you’re worried about your relative staying warm in the winter, use Christmas as an opportunity to buy them some good quality warm clothes. Especially if they are the kind of person who is hesitant to spend money on ‘frivolous’ things like fashionable garments. So buy them something warm, that is high quality and they will love. Then they will want to wear their new coat, hat or scarf all the time and you won’t have to worry about them getting cold.

plantsIndoor Plants

Indoor plants aren’t only lovely decorative objects that bring colour and life into a room, they are also good for the heath. They will release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in your your relative’s home. Not only that, but having plants indoors is also proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. So the present of a plant is really the gift keeps on giving for an elderly relative.

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