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Top 10 Netflix Series Recommendations for the Elderly

Top 10 Netflix Series Recommendations for the Elderly

Watching a gripping series is a great way to help pass the day, particularly as we spend more time indoors this Winter.

A good series means something to look forward to watching the next day – as long as there’s no binge-watching! Plus great topics of conversations with friends and family if they’re watching the same thing.

best netflix series for older people

Netflix is the world’s most popular video streaming service. There is a huge variety to choose from to fit all interests – from dramatic crime dramas to informative documentaries. Netflix can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop all for one low fixed monthly fee.

The different subscription packages mean you can share a Netflix account with relatives you do not live with. There are no extra costs or contracts, and a subscription can be cancelled at any time. To sign up, visit the Netflix website. Make sure to only sign up through the Netflix site itself.

Age Space have put together our top 10 series recommendations to help wile away a few hours over the next few weeks. They are all available on Netflix.

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Best Drama and Historical Drama Series on Netflix

Looking for something to really get your teeth into? These much-loved dramas are sure not to disappoint.

1. Call the Midwife

Period Drama based on an award-winning memoir, set in the 1950s East End. The show follows a newly qualified midwife and her colleagues at a nursing convent. The show is balanced by moving, funny and eye-opening story lines with eccentric and lovable characters. With 8 moving series, Call the Midwife can be the series to keep you entertained right through the Winter. 

8 series, 78 x 1 hour episodes

Call The Midwife on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

2. The Crown

Based on an award-winning play (The Audience), the drama plays out the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. The show explores personal intrigues, romances, national disasters, political rivalries and more. All of which played a big role in shaping the later decades of the 20th century. Olivia Colman puts in a fantastic performance as Queen Elizabeth, and The Crown has scooped a plethora of awards for standout performances as well as for its costume design. 

3 series, 26 x 1 hour episodes

The Crown on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

3. Poldark

A brooding drama set in 18th century Cornwall, based on the novels by Winston Graham. The show follows the life of Captain Poldark as he returns home from the American War of Independence and tries to rebuild his life at home. The show explores love and loss, birth and death, war and peace. Aiden Turner delivers a masterful performance as Captain Poldark. The show also has a stunning score, which saw it nominated for a BAFTA in 2017.

4 series, 35 x 1 hour episodes

Poldark on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

4. Sherlock

British Crime drama based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Sherlock attempts to solve modern day mysteries through his exceptional intellect and bold powers of observation. Adds a modern twist to previous versions, and keeps you on your toes throughout. Benedict Cumberbatch’s compelling performance as the legendary detective saw him nominated for the Best Actor BAFTA award for all 3 series.

4 series, 13 x 1 hour 30 minute episodes

Sherlock on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Best Comedy Series on Netflix

Want to add a bit of joy to your day? These classic comedies are sure to get you laughing.

5. Grace & Frankie

An award-winning American TV series. The plot is based around Grace and Frankie who believe their lives in retirement are all set – before their husbands declare their love for each other. Hilarity ensues as the 2 women learn to live together and cope with this unexpected change to their lives. A truly heartwarming show, and just what we all need at this difficult time.

6 series, 78 x 30 minute episodes

Grace and Frankie on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

6. Only Fools and Horses

Enjoy watching the charismatic “Del Boy” and his dependant younger brother Rodney’s hopeless attempts to get-rich-quick as a pair of dodgy market traders in Peckham. This classic 80s comedy is a great choice for older people, and will likely be a comedic trip down memory lane. Only Fools and Horses was voted by BBC viewers as Britain’s Best Sitcom in a 2004 poll.

3 series, 20 x 30 minute episodes,
1 specials series, 10 episodes (varying length)

Only Fools and Horses on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

7. Fawlty Towers

A classic comedy favourite, written by and starring John Cleese and Connie Booth. The plot centres around haughty Basil Fawlty and his bossy wife trying to raise the profile of their hotel – and the farcical lunacy that arises. Though only 2 series were made, Fawlty Towers is widely seen as an all-time classic. Almost every character is terrible at their job and bound to have you in stitches. Guaranteed laugh-a-minute fun.

2 series, 12 x 30 minute episodes

Fawlty Towers on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Best Nature and Documentary Series on Netflix

8. Our Planet

A top choice for fans of Planet Earth. Our Planet is the latest in a string of outstanding nature documentaries presented by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. From the jungle to the ocean, the icy poles to the barren desert, this series follows the animals that inhabit our planet. The camerawork is phenomenal, and the colours will dazzle you. A great way to feel like you are somewhere far from home, even if you are just watching from your sofa.

1 series, 8 x 50 minute episodes

Our Planet on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

9. The Secrets of Great British Castles

One for the history enthusiasts! Historian Dan Jones goes back on a journey through time to the zenith of Britain’s most iconic structures and their infamous inhabitants. Structures explored include the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle and Arundel Castle. The stories of castles included in this fantastic docuseries are so gripping that we’re sure you will enjoy them whether you’re a history buff or not!

2 series, 12 x 45 minute episodes

Secrets of Great British Castles on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

10. The Universe

Using the latest CGI technology, this series lets us explore the mysteries and magnitude of The Universe. Learn about space exploration, distant planets, and astronomical objects millions of miles away from Earth. The experts on this show are world-leading, but you won’t need a degree in Astrophysics to understand and enjoy what they teach us! Episode 1 of the series on Netflix looks at unusual planets, including “Hot Jupiters” and “Super Earths”.

1 series, 1 x 44 minute episodes

The Universe on Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Netflix Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix offer a senior discount?

Netflix does not offer a senior discount. A way that older people can pay less, or nothing, to watch Netflix is to share an account with family or friends. A single account can have up to 5 user profiles, and be watched on up to 4 different devices at once.

Is there a free trial for Netflix?.

There is not a free trial for Netflix available at the moment.

Is it easy to cancel Netflix?

Yes, it is easy to cancel a Netflix subscription. Netflix accounts can be cancelled with a couple of clicks, and are then cancelled starting immediately.

Can I watch Netflix for free?

There is no free trial for Netflix. There is also no free version of the Netflix streaming service. There are only paid-for subscription options.

How can I get Netflix on my TV?

Many smart TVs have Netflix built in to them. Almost all TVs made in the last few years will have Netflix available as long as they are connected to the internet.