Carer Support Groups in Buckinghamshire

Carer Support Groups in Buckinghamshire

Carer support groups in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

About 1 in 10 of the 45,000 people living in Buckinghamshire consider themselves to be a carer in some respect. This isn’t surprising given our aging population and the increasing help available to allow our parents to live at home for longer. While it is obviously important to consider the needs of the cared for, making sure you have the carer support you need is equally important.

In Bucks the county council, local charities, and organisations can help make life easier for you in your role as a carer, and to supply financial and physical help if you need it. Find out more about the support groups and services available in Bucks.

*Please contact the support groups directly to find out how the carers groups are continuing due to Coronavirus restrictions*

One way to help give carers a break is to seek respite care in Buckinghamshire, find out more by following the link.

Getting a Carer’s Assessment in Buckinghamshire

You can often get a carer’s needs assessment at the same time as a care needs assessment from the Buckinghamshire Council social care team. A carer’s needs assessment aims to find out what the carer struggles with, what they would benefit from, and where that help can come from. Anyone can get a carer’s needs assessment, providing they care for someone, no matter the type of care you provide, financial situation, level of support needed or whether social care services are involved or not. A carer’s needs assessment will look at:

  • What help you need with caring
  • The emotional and physical support you might benefit to help balance and maintain health
  • How caring effects life and wellbeing
  • Your health
  • What you balance with your role as a carer including work/study/training/leisure/relationships/etc
  • Your goals as a carer
  • Your housing situation and future plans
  • Emergency planning

All carer’s needs assessments are free and confidential. The outcome might decide that you are eligible for council support or even financial assistance to make your role as a carer easier. At the very least you will be signposted to local carer support groups, organisations, charities and services that might be relevant to you.

Accessing a Carer’s Needs Assessment

There are a few different ways you can go about getting a carer’s needs assessment. Like we said, if the person you care for is having a care needs assessment, you can ask that a carer’s needs assessment also be carried out at the same time.

You can also contact Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Councils to organise one.

Bucks Council

  • Telephone: 01296 383 204
  • Email:

Milton Keynes

  • Telephone: 01908 253 772
  • Email:

Carers Bucks and Milton Keynes also offer advice and support for people thinking about or who have and upcoming carer’s needs assessment. You can find their details below.

Find Carer Support Groups and Services in Bucks

Social carer support groups and services can help you to find people in similar roles and information, advice and support to enrich and/or ease your caring role.

Carers Bucks and Carers Milton Keynes

Coffee group - carer support groups in Bucks and MK

*Please note: Many of these services will not be available currently in their usual form due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, Carers Bucks and Carers Milton Keynes are continuing to support carers online, over the phone and have published their Support Group Workshop Programme for 2021, which will take place on Zoom.*

Carers Bucks and Milton Keynes are independent charities started to help support unpaid carers in their respective areas. They offer advice information and support through a trained support worker. You can access their services by visiting their offices or giving them a call. Registering will give you full access to their services.

Some examples of support, services, and benefits offered include a carer discount card scheme, free counselling regular social and informative events, and signposting to local services. They also provide and run a fair few services and groups on their own, which you can find listed below.


Caring for Older Carers

This is a service aimed at those over 75 who still have a caring role and are struggling to manage their responsibilities. Through the service they can get access to a home visit from a support worker who guide and advise further.

Carer Support Groups

Carers Bucks offers a variety of carer support groups up and down the county. Follow the link to see more.

Workshops and Info Programmes

As well as peer support groups, Carers Bucks also puts on workshops to help provide carers with valuable advice and information about the care system and beyond. Find out more about Carers Bucks workshops and info programmes.

Carers Choir

On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, Carers Bucks puts on a choir group specifically for carers. Singing in a group is a great way to relieve stress and meet similar people. Come at 10:15 for a coffee and a chat before the singing starts at 10:45 for an hour. The group meets at Chalfont St Peter Community Centre, Gravel Hill, SL9 9QX. Contact the details above to get access.

Milton Keynes

Support Groups

Carers Milton Keynes prides itself on the range of carer support groups is provides. There are groups for people who share location, the disease of the person they look after, and groups which anyone can join. Find out more about the range of Carers Milton Keynes carer support groups.

Alzheimers Society Support Groups

Alzheimer's Society Buckinghamshire

If the older person you care for is living with dementia, the Alzheimer Society charity has many carer support groups in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes to help support you. You can find a list of available support groups below!

Amersham Carer Support Group

  • When? 1st Tuesday of each month, 10:30am – 12:30pm
  • Where? Amersham Museum, High Street, Amersham, HP7 0DP
  • Contact – 01494 670 909 /

Farnham Carer Support Group

  • When? 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1pm
  • Where? Dukes Head, Farnham Royal, SL2 3AJ
  • Contact – 07918 034 570 / 01753 642 189

Changing Places 24/7

  • For carers of a parent with dementia
  • When? 1st Wednesday of each month from 7:30pm
  • Where? The Lions, Church Lane, Princes Risborough, Bucks, HP27 9PE
  • Contact –

Carer Support from Local Authorities

Both Buckinghamshire Council and Milton Keynes Council have sections on their websites dedicated to carers. On these pages you can find what advice and support is offered by the council and other local organisations that might be able to help.

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