Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Hampshire

Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly in Hampshire

Buying, preparing and cooking three healthy meals a day can prove quite a hassle for the elderly. Making use of a Meal Delivery service ensures your elderly relative has freshly prepared and healthy meals and allows them to continue to live independently.

Services can also reduce loneliness through face to face contact, and the delivery person can serve as a regular check up on your elderly relative if you live far away.

Hampshire County

If your elderly relative lives in the Hampshire County Council area, they can choose to receive Meals on Wheels through the council’s partnership service Apetito. To be eligible, your relative must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Elderly meals on wheels Hampshire
  • Struggle to cook for them self
  • Have just come out of hospital
  • Have a carer or relative who needs a break from cooking
  • Feeling unwell, either physically or mentally
  • Have difficulty shopping for food

They offer a wide selection of nutritious meals and desserts to suit a variety of dietary requirements. Check out their full menu, available with freezer options. Deliveries are made 365 days a year, between 11.15am and 2.15pm each day.

Meals must be paid by Direct Debit to Apetito. Meals cost £4.90 daily for a two course meal, or £3.25 daily for afternoon tea.

Telephone: 01962 779 338


Roast dinner delivery in Hampshire

Southampton City Council provide a Meals on Wheels service through the agent of City Catering Southampton. A wide variety of nutritional meals are supplied to residents, and dietary requirements are catered for. For more information on menus and costs, please visit the City Care Meals on Wheels website.

Friendly drivers will deliver hot meals direct to your elderly relative’s home, Monday to Friday. If your relative requires meals at the weekend, frozen meals can be provided to be reheated. 

Southampton residents may be eligible to get this service at a reduced rate if they meet the following criteria:

  • Living alone and are unable to cook for them self
  • A doctor has recommended the service
  • Have a short-term need, for example, have recently been in hospital
  • Meal provision will assist carer(s)

A self-assessment can be carried out to find out if your relative is eligible for a subsidised rate.

Telephone: 023 80 83 38 66


Senior enjoys meals on wheels

Portsmouth City Council also provide a meal delivery service through partnership with Apetito. The service is for people with a relevant need, such as:

  • Just discharged from hospital
  • Carer on holiday
  • Dementia
  • Long/short term illness
  • Unable to prepare own meals
  • Poor mobility

Deliveries are made 365 days a year, between 11.30am and 2.00pm each day.

Meals must be paid by Direct Debit. Meals cost £5.50 daily for a two course meal, or £3.25 daily for afternoon tea.

Telephone (Independence & Wellness Team): 023 9268 8390
Telephone (Apetito): 023 9273 0394

Isle of Wight

Mobile Meals Catering provides a high quality hot meal delivery service to the elderly community on the Isle of Wight. They offer a hot meal daily service, and if preferred can provide frozen food to be heated at convenience.

Pie for the elderly delivered by a meal delivery service in Hampshire

Meals and teas are delivered over the lunch time period. Meals can be served up on a plate on delivery for no extra charge. There is a minimum order of 4 meals per person in any one week. You can order for your relative phone, or via the contact form below. The service is available to anyone who feels it is necessary.

Traditional meals cost £5.95 whilst the tea menu varies around £3. Check out their full menu of dishes available. Payment is required on or before the first day of delivery through cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Telephone: 01983 872217
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