Stroke Support Services in Hertfordshire

Stroke Support Services in Hertfordshire

Stroke support services in Hertfordshire

A stroke can be a terrifying and life-changing experience, both for the person who suffers it and for their carers and relatives. In Hertfordshire, there is a great deal of support available for individuals who have been affected by a stroke.

Stroke support can come in the form of help with meeting immediate physical needs, as well as emotional support, communication support, and making plans for minimising the risk of another stroke.

Stroke support services in Hertfordshire are divided geographically. In North and East Hertfordshire, the NHS is responsible for stroke rehabilitation services, whereas in West Hertfordshire the Stroke Association provide a recovery service. On this page you can also read more about support groups, for both survivors and carers.

Hertfordshire Stroke Support Services

NHS Stroke Support (North & East Hertfordshire)

NHS Community Stroke Service

The NHS Community Stroke Service provides specialist stroke rehabilitation to residents of East and North Hertfordshire who have suffered from a stroke. The service can offer:

  • Early supported discharge stroke rehabilitation to people in their own homes, who have suffered a mild to moderate stroke, and have identified rehabilitation goals.
  • Supported discharges for more complex stroke patients requiring a multidisciplinary input from a team of stroke specialists discharged from acute hospitals or inpatient rehabilitation settings.
  • Six-month reviews for all stroke survivors in East and North Hertfordshire in partnership with the Stroke Association.

Rehabilitation is provided by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, nurses and rehabilitation assistants either in the patient’s home or a care facility. For more information regarding this service, you can visit the NHS’ website or get in touch through the phone number provided below.

  • Telephone: 03001 237 571 (Option 2, then 6, then 2)
  • Visit Website

Stroke Association (West Hertfordshire)

Hertfordshire Stroke Association Services

The Hertfordshire Stroke Recovery Service provides practical advice, emotional support and high-quality information for West Hertfordshire residents following a stroke. They work with stroke survivors, their carers and relatives in order to form a personalised recovery plan, accounting for both physical and emotional needs.

This West Hertfordshire service serves people registered with GPs in the areas covered by the district and borough councils of Dacorum, St. Albans, Hertsmere, Watford, and Three Rivers.

West Herts Communication Support Service

The West Herts Communication Support Service works with people affected by stroke who are experiencing difficulties with communication. They run sessions that can help your relative to develop strategies and methods for communicating, as well as rebuilding their confidence in communication.

Headway Hertfordshire

Headway Hertfordshire

Headway is a charity operating in Hertfordshire that provides support to people affected by brain injuries, including strokes, as well as to their carers. The support they offer ranges from counselling sessions, to peer support groups, to exercises to improve memory. They also offer support for carers in the form of workshops, counselling, training sessions, support groups and respite.

Stroke Support Groups in Hertfordshire

Stroke support groups are a great opportunity for your relative to spend time with people who have experienced something similar themselves. They are a safe and sociable environment to build up confidence and receive helpful advice on how to rebuild life after a stroke.

Stroke Association Support Groups

The Stroke Association runs a number of stroke support groups in Hertfordshire. These include both general support groups and groups that focus on speech and communication support. Below you can find the full list of the Stroke Association’s Hertfordshire support groups.

Headway Hertfordshire Peer Support Groups

Stroke support groups in Hertfordshire

Headway Hertfordshire organise and run peer support groups for Hertfordshire residents who have suffered a brain injury – such as a stroke – to spend time together. Your relative can make friendships and share experiences in a supportive and friendly environment, with carers welcome to attend as well.

There are 8 Headway peer support groups in Hertfordshire, in St. Albans, Borehamwood, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Letchworth, Stevenage and Watford and Welwyn. The groups tend to meet fortnightly.

If you would like to get a referral for your relative, then you can fill out this online form or contact the Headway Hertfordshire team using the details below.