Elderly Care Services in Kent

Elderly Care Services in Kent

Much like the country as a whole, Kent has an ageing population. There are over 330,000 people aged 65+ in Kent, and this figure is only set to rise as life expectancy increases.

There are lots of helpful and important elderly care services available in Kent but it can be hard to know what the most appropriate service is in your local area. On this page we have signposted the key services in Kent and explained how they are broken down across the county.

NHS Services for the Elderly in Kent

Clinical Commissioning Groups

NHS services are divided into Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). In April 2020, the 8 CCGs that used to exist in Kent merged together to form a single CCG that will oversee NHS care in Kent and Medway. This is the Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group.

NHS elderly medical care in Kent

This CCG is responsible for overseeing the following services:

  • planned hospital care
  • urgent and emergency care
  • rehabilitation care
  • community health services
  • mental health and learning disability services.

Within the single CCG there are 4 Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs), which bring together all of the provider health organisations in a given area to work as one. You can use the links below to find out more about the 4 ICPs in Kent below:

Major Hospitals and Hospices

The following are some of the largest hospitals in Kent, all of which have Accident and Emergency Departments which may be worth knowing about in case of emergency. You can find more information about their services by clicking on the links below.

Kent has excellent hospice care, both within the hospice wards and in the wider community. You can find out about Kent hospice services in greater detail from our page on Palliative Care in Kent.

How to find your Local GP

To search for your local GP you can enter your postcode here on the NHS Website.

Local Authority Elderly Care Services in Kent

Local authority elderly care services in Kent

Kent County Council are responsible for the provision of all elderly care services in Kent, except for in Medway, where Medway Council are responsible for the provision of elderly care services.

People in Kent can find more information about adult social care services from the Kent County Council Website.

You can find more information about adult social services available in Medway from the Medway Council website.

Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Kent

Care needs assessments are used by the council as a means of working out what help and support a person needs. From here the council will help put you in touch with the appropriate help, and give you more information about how to fund care. For more information look at our page on How to Book a Care Needs Assessment in Kent.

Specialist Mental Health Services for the Elderly in Kent

Speaking to your GP is the first step to take in order to be referred to specialist mental health services. You may be referred to the Community Mental Health Services for Older People (CMHSOP) team, which operate throughout Kent. You can discover more about the services CMHSOP provide on the NHS website, and find your nearest hub.

The NHS advise that it is worth getting in contact with your GP if you have concerns about:

  • mood swings
  • agitation
  • memory loss or confusion
  • withdrawal

You can also search for local mental health support from the Mind charity’s Local Minds service that operates in Kent.

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