Stroke Support Services in Norfolk

Stroke Support Services in Norfolk

People are affected by strokes in vastly different ways and to different extents. However, no matter how much a stroke has affected your elderly relative, there will be healthcare and stroke services in place across Norfolk that are designed to help them return to their normal life, where possible.

Stroke Support Groups in Sussex

We have signposted all the NHS Stroke Support Services in Norfolk on this page, as well as any charities and groups that can help you and your family through the time following a stroke.

Norfolk Stroke Support Services

Stroke Rehabilitation Service

The Stroke Rehabilitation Service is an NHS service set up to help those who have recently stayed in hospital following a stroke. In order to use this service, you will need to be referred by a health professional from the hospital.

The service can help out with returning to normal life, as well as rehabilitation with moving and talking where necessary. For more details, you can visit the website or give them a call using the details provided below.

Speech & Language Therapy Team

Speech and language therapists support people affected by communication and swallowing difficulties by providing therapy, education and advice to the individual and their family. This kind of treatment can be necessary for somebody following a stroke, to aid in their recovery.

The service is run out of several locations, but somebody recovering from a stroke is likely to be seen at Julian Hospital in Norwich’s Beech Ward, which specialises in stroke recovery. You can find out more information on the specifics of this service, as well as get in touch with them through the details below.

Stroke Association

Stroke Association is a country-wide charity that supports those who have been affected by a stroke, as well as their families. The charity runs a number of different services across Norfolk, including support groups, activity sessions and exercise groups that you are able to search for by your postcode.

Stroke Association - Support Groups in Sussex
Communication Support

The Stroke Association’s Communication Support Service works with anybody who has had a stroke that is subsequently suffering from communication issues, such as aphasia. They run group sessions and 1-to-1 sessions, that can allow your relative to get advice and assistance from support co-ordinators, trained volunteers and those who are in a similar position.

Their sessions offer the opportunity for people to practice their communication skills whilst also receiving emotional support, advice and signposting to other local services that could be of benefit.

You can find out more on the Stroke Association website.

Stroke Support Groups in Norfolk

Independent Stroke Support Groups in Norfolk can sometimes offer advice and help that you won’t be able to get from other services. They will often be able to introduce you to people who are experiencing similar things and may be at a different point in their recovery journey and be able to offer first hand advice.

Stroke Support Groups in Sussex - Support Groups

It is challenging to care for somebody recovering from a stroke and can use up a lot of energy. Age Space has also created a list of Carer Support Groups in Norfolk that can help you with a chance to relax and share experiences.

Norwich Stroke Survivors Club

The Norwich Stroke Survivors Club is an independent, registered charity for people affected by a stroke: set up by stroke survivors for stroke survivors as a means to offer support and friendship to them, their families and friends. The club meets weekly during term time at the Community Centre in Brenda James Close, Norwich. During each two hour session (10:00am – 12:00am), members can partake in a variety of activities including card making, scrabble and dominoes. Other events and activities are arranged from time to time, which in the past has included a Christmas lunch at a nearby restaurant and a summer boat trip on the Yare up to Norwich centre.

The club is attended by speech and language therapists who visit twice each term, as well as a physiotherapist, a yoga tutor and an exercise tutor, who also visit twice per term.

For further information about the Norwich Stroke Survivors Club, you can visit their website or get in contact via the details provided below.

King's Lynn & District Stroke Group

The King’s Lynn & District Stroke Group is a fully accessible, friendly, inclusive and fun group, offering information, advice and support, alongside exercise opportunities, outings, creative workshops and speakers to stroke survivors and their families.

You can get in touch with this group for up-to-date information about schedules and activities by using the phone number provided or filling out the referral form on the website.

West Norfolk Life after Stroke Service

The West Norfolk Life after Stroke Service service provides practical advice, essential information and emotional support to stroke survivors of any age, carers, friends and family members. Visits can be arranged in hospital or at home. Advice can include what to expect during the recovery process as well as how to access additional support groups. 

For more information you can get in contact or visit the website using the details below.