Elderly Care in Norfolk: A Guide

Elderly Care in Norfolk: A Guide

Ashtons Legal seeks to guide you through elderly care in Norfolk by providing information and advice on issues you might be facing. Our aim is to make a potentially difficult time less stressful for you. Everyone’s circumstances are slightly different but the sorts of questions you are likely to be facing are as follows.

Questions to Discuss
  1. Does someone in the family need the ability to manage someone else’s financial affairs, either now or in the future?
  2. If so, when and how do we achieve this?
  3. If someone loses mental capacity, what do we do next?
  4. Who makes decisions about what care is appropriate and how it is funded?
  5. Have older family members made suitable arrangements for what they want to happen to their assets in due course, and are these assets protected as far as is possible from the costs associated with care in later life?
  6. If someone goes into care and doesn’t have money in the bank but does have a house, does this have to be sold to fund their care and, if so, when?

These are exactly the sorts of issues we can guide you through, providing the relevant legal services along the way, including preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, registering old Enduring Powers of Attorney, drafting Wills, advising on permitted tax planning measures and applying to the Office of the Public Guardian to appoint a Deputy.  The broad aim is to give you peace of mind, to ensure that as much money as possible remains in the family while also funding the most appropriate care for whichever family member needs it.

We have a team of people across East Anglia, some based in Norwich, who are helping people with these sorts of issues every day. The team includes lawyers who are members of Solicitors for the Elderly, those who are accredited by the Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners, a niche specialist on Continuing Care funding issues, and specialists to advise where someone holds overseas assets as well as property in the UK.

Inadequate Care

Unfortunately another situation which arises from time to time is that someone is receiving inadequate care from a care home or hospital and as a result suffers pain or injury which should have been avoidable. In these circumstances our specialist medical injury team can help to try to get procedures changed or to obtain compensation for extra expenses incurred.

We can provide home visits for people who are not able to come to us and will always offer straightforward practical advice and be clear about what we can help you to achieve and at what cost.  It is worth remembering that it is almost always cheaper to take preventive steps, such as preparing an up to date Will, than it is to unravel problems further down the line.

We hope you will let us help you.

Ashtons Legal.

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