Patient Transport Services in Suffolk for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Suffolk for the Elderly

Image showing someone receiving assistance getting in to a patient transport vehicle from a wheelchair.

Patient transport services supply planned transport to and from NHS hospitals across Suffolk and Great Yarmouth, including to outpatient departments, inter-hospital transfers, renal dialysis, oncology centres.

As of April 2019 E-zec medical has taken responsibility for non-emergency patient transport (NEPTs).

It is only available to patients who fulfil the eligibility criteria and does not do trips to primary care services like GPs. Patient transport vehicles are staffed by ambulance care assistants (ACAs) who ensure medical needs are met throughout the journey and during transfer. This guide will talk you through whether your relative is eligible for Suffolk’s Patient Transport Service and if so, how to book it.

Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Suffolk

A patient is eligible for Patient Transport Services (PTS) if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • Their medical condition means they cannot use other transport without damaging their health
  • Their mobility means they are unable to access healthcare by any other means
  • They require the skills or support of clinically trained staff and/or medical equipment during their journey

Patient Escorts

Transport can also be provided to a patient’s escort or carer where their particular skills are required. This can be appropriate in the case if the person to be accompanied has a mental or physical incapacity, is vulnerable, or needs a translator. As an escort takes up a space on the vehicle that would usually be available for a patient, E-zec is often stricter with who they let on and allow escorts to travel on a case by case basis.

Booking Patient Transport Services

Image showing wheelchair accessible ambulance service. Patient transport services in suffolk

To book transport with E-zec you will need to ring their booking office – 0300 999 6666

Non-medical Journeys

If your relative is ineligible or only requires a lift to a shop or to a friends house visit our page on Community Transport Services in Suffolk for private hire and volunteer services one of these options is the Council run Connecting Communities.

To get to a GP or just simply get around and there are no suitable or frequent public transport links in your area, Suffolk County Council runs a service called Connecting Communities. This is a service that supplies a driver at a cost based on how much it would be to get a bus for your desired route.

Find out about Connecting Community Services in your area.

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