How To Book a Care Needs Assessment in Surrey

How To Book a Care Needs Assessment in Surrey

All local authorities have a legal duty make sure care needs in the community are covered. Care Assessments are the process used by the council to work out how they can help and what they need to provide. For more information please visit our Age Space Complete Care Needs Assessment Guide.

Care Needs Assessment in Surrey

There are 3 types of Care Assessments:

Surrey County Council use online resources to carry out initial consultations. The result of these online consultations will direct you to the next steps of a Care Assessment. Sometimes, a face to face meeting with a council social care worker is required as a next step. Often, the website will be able to provide you with all information you need.

If you experience difficulties or need some assistance when carrying out the first online step of a Care Needs, Carers or Financial assessment, you can contact the Surrey County Council Information and Advice Helpline:

Telephone:  0300 200 1005
(Available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm)

For help with finding a Care Home, please visit our Age Space guide to Choosing a Care Home in Surrey.

How To Apply For A Care Needs Assessment with Your Local Authority in Surrey

The aim of a Care Needs Assessment is to work out what help somebody needs with their care and how to get this. In Surrey, an initial ‘Support Needs Checklist’ can be completed by the person with care needs, or by someone else (ie. a family member/carer) on their behalf with their consent.

The Checklist takes around 10 minutes to complete. The questions will cover health conditions, frailty, disabilities and how they affect daily life. 

Take the Surrey Support Needs Checklist.

If it is deemed you are eligible for social care, a meeting for further conversation will be arranged. Regardless of the outcome, the information you provide will help the Council direct you to details of services that could help you to stay safe, well and independent.

How To Apply For A Carer’s Assessment in Surrey

If you look after someone you have the right to ask for a carer’s assessment. A carer’s needs assessment looks at the impact your caring responsibilities have on your life and what social care support you might be eligible for.

Take the Surrey Carer’s Needs Assessment.

If you are eligible for support from Surrey County Council, your needs could be met by a range of options, including paid services and services provided by the voluntary sector. If you are not eligible, you will be given information and advice on where you can get the help.

Please also take a look at our Carer Support in Surrey page.

How To Apply For A Financial Assessment in Surrey

Financial care assessment surrey

Social care can sometimes be paid for by the council, depending on financial circumstances. To find out how much you are likely to have to pay towards the cost of any support, you will need to complete a financial assessment.

Surrey County Council provide an easy-to-use, online Contribution Calculator to tell you how much you might be asked to contribute towards your care.

The Calculator will ask you about individual circumstances, to work out how much you can contribute to the cost of care. You can help your elderly relative with this but will need accurate details of their:

  • Savings and investments
  • Income
  • Outgoings (such as rent, mortgage and council tax)
  • Disability related costs (money you spend due to your condition or disability)

The calculator will then tell you what your weekly contribution might be. This allows you to plan ahead and budget for care.

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