“But I’m Not A Carer”

“But I’m Not A Carer”

It is understandable to not think of yourself as a carer when you are looking after a parent or elderly relative. You might just think of yourself as ‘doing what needs to be done’ – they are family after all! But if your relative is dependent on you, and relies for you for their care, that makes you a carer.

Accepting the label is a common problem that most carers face. Over half of carers take over a year to recognise their caring role, and almost one in four take over five years.

As a society with an ageing population, we are becoming increasingly dependant on unpaid carers. This is why it is important to recognise and support them. But not thinking of yourself as a carer can have an impact on the support you receive. According to Carer’s UK research,  it leads to 91% of carers saying they had previously missed out on financial or practical support. And caring for an older parent is difficult enough as it is.

The articles and blogs on this page will signpost you to the practical and emotional support you can take advantage of.

Carers Cards & Other Practical Tips

Here are some pointers about things you may not have considered that could improve your life, including getting yourself a Carers Card.

Working & Caring

What about work? If you’re juggling the role of caring while you’re employed you should learn your rights. 

Sussex Charities That Support Carers

You may not consider yourself to be a carer but there are many organisations in Sussex who can offer you support.

Taking A Break

There are a variety of experienced providers of respite care in Sussex who can help you take a break from your care giving role. 

So How Do YOU Feel?

One of the toughest things about loved ones getting old, ill or needing our support, is the difficult feelings it stirs up in you. 

Re-Thinking Relationships

Along with the many impacts supporting a parent can have, the effect on your relationships can be the most unexpected and profound.