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Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Berkshire

Home adaptations berkshire

Home adaptations can help make your elderly relative’s home easier, safer and more comfortable to live in. These can range from small every day help, such as a hand rail, to much larger installations, like a stair lift.

Aside from home adaptations, there are other ways to stay independent. Keeping fit means daily tasks around the house are manageable for longer and there are plenty of exercise groups for the elderly in Berkshire. There are also meal delivery services across Berkshire which ensure a healthy is meal is consumed each day.

A care needs assessment in Berkshire often suggests home adaptations will be useful. The next steps are getting a home assessment and applying for a disabled facilities grant, as outlined below.

Following this guide, your elderly relative may not be eligible for council funded home adaptations. However, they may still want to purchase mobility equipment. Mobility stores are listed in our safer independent living in Berkshire guide. There are also options for living independently in Berkshire that you may wish to consider.

Getting a Home Assessment in Berkshire:

Home assessments are carried out by occupational therapists. Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals that help people overcome disability. This means that they can visit the home and point out where improvements can be made to make the environment more accessible. Daily tasks such as washing and getting up the stairs can consequently become easier.

The six local councils in Berkshire each have an adult social care team. These teams organise occupational therapist visits for residents upon request. Sometimes a care needs assessment  has to take place first. Please find the contact details for each council below.

Bracknell Forest Borough Council

Reading Borough Council

Slough Borough Council

West Berkshire District Council

Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough Council

Wokingham District Council

Grants Available in Berkshire for Larger Home Alterations

Disabled Facilities Grant

disabled facilities grant Berkshire

A disabled facilities grant is an amount of money from the council to make changes to a disabled person’s home. The grant can be used for a number of home improvements, including widened doors, ramp installation or a new downstairs bathroom.

How large the grant is depends on personal income and savings. In England a grant of up to £30,000 is available.

Anyone who is disabled – or has someone disabled living in their property – can apply for a disabled facilities grant. An occupational therapist assesses the need for the grant in a home assessment as outlined above. The council needs to agree that the work is appropriate, necessary and reasonable before it can begin.

There is then a financial assessment to establish how much of the grant can be received. Those who do not qualify for any financial assistance can still request the recommended work from the council, but will have to pay privately.