Elderly Care in Hampshire

Hampshire NHS & Social Care Services

The population of Hampshire is ageing. People are living longer and the baby boom generation are entering their 70s, so the demand for elderly care services is continually growing.

Social care is organised along council boundaries, whilst the NHS, charities and hospices make their own boundaries. Age Space are here to help you navigate the systems of care that are in place and signpost you to all available services so you can make the right decisions for your relative. 

Booking a care assessment in Hampshire:

Care at home in Hampshire

Home care means your loved one can stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home and continue living as they are used to. Maintaining independence is important for mental wellbeing and there are services available across the county to make sure that your relative is safe, with any extra support that they may need. 

Living Independently in Hampshire

Charities & Organisations Supporting The Elderly in Hampshire