Elderly Care Services in Hampshire

Elderly Care Services in Hampshire

The population of Hampshire is ageing. People are living longer and the baby boom generation are entering their 70s.

The ‘Healthy Life Expectancy’ (number of years which you are expected to live free from illness) – is slightly decreasing. This means people in Hampshire can expect to live longer but spend more of their lives needing care than before.

Therefore, the demand for elderly care services is growing. Signposting to all available services is really important so that you can make the right choice for your elderly relative.

Depending on where you live in Hampshire, 1 of 8 Hampshire CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) will oversee NHS healthcare in your area.

Social care is organised along council boundaries, and charities and hospices make their own boundaries. This makes the health and care system difficult to navigate!

NHS elderly care medical services Hampshire

Here, Age Space have compiled all the information you need to steer services in Hampshire.

NHS Services for the Elderly in Hampshire


NHS services are divided into Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) boundaries. There are 8 CCGs that cover Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. You can locate your local CCG by entering your postcode on the NHS website. Services CCGs oversee are:

  • GP practices
  • Mental Health Services
  • Urgent and Emergency Care
  • Hospital Services
  • Community Care

From CCG websites, you can find your local healthcare services:

GP in Hampshire elderly care

To search for your local GP follow this link, and type in your postcode to find your nearest GP.

Hospitals in Hampshire

Hampshire has 5 major hospitals with A&E departments and extended facilities:

The county also has the following hospitals that offer inpatient services and outpatient appointment services. Click on your local hospital for more details on exactly what care and treatment is provided, and contact details:

Community Healthcare

Hampshire is also home to a network of Community Hospitals. Community Hospitals are small local hospitals that provide a range of services including clinics, minor injuries units and X-ray departments. Your GP will refer you to your local Community Hospital depending on care and medical needs.


Hospices are places where people can go to for specialist care in the final days of their life. They provide all kinds of support, and families and friends are always welcome.

Please visit our Hampshire page on Palliative Care for more information on the 6 hospices in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Local Authority Elderly Care Services in Hampshire

Local authority elderly care services in Hampshire

Local authority care services are broken down by county or city council. In Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, there are 4 councils, which have their own provision of adult social care. From the council care homepages, you can find information on access to services:

Booking a Care Needs Assessment in Hampshire

A Care Needs Assessment is a really good starting point in understanding the amount of support your relative needs, and how much of this can be supplied by the council. Care Homes and Respite Services also often require for one to completed before they can provide care.

Visit Age Space’s dedicated page outlining the process of completing a Care Needs Assessment in Hampshire.

Specialist Mental Health Services for the Elderly in Hampshire

To access mental health services, the first step is to talk to your GP. They will be able to point you towards your specific services in your area. NHS advice for elderly people in terms of mental health, is to contact your GP if you are concerned about:

  • mood swings
  • agitation
  • memory loss or confusion
  • withdrawal

You can also find local support at Mind well being centres run across Hampshire. They aim to provide outcome-focused support to individuals with mental health problems. They are friendly places with an informal atmosphere.

You can also search for care and nursing homes with facilities for mental health through carehomes.co.uk.

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