Living Independently in Kent – A Guide to Options Available

Living Independently in Kent – A Guide to Options Available

If your elderly parent is finding it difficult to live independently, but you do not feel they are yet ready to move in to a care home, there are some other options worth considering.

Whether they need more help from others, more company, a smaller home, or a home better suited to their mobility, Age Space is here to help you find a solution that can maintain their independence in Kent.

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Downsizing in Kent

Downsizing can help to sustain the freedom of living independently, while removing some of the difficulties that come with living in a larger home. This can include dealing with stairs, garden maintenance, house cleaning and travel. There can also be financial benefits to downsizing, in that you can free up capital – potentially for future care costs.

There are many factors to consider when planning to downsize, including access to care, transport links and proximity to family and friends. For more advice on downsizing, you can look at our Tips For Helping Elderly Parents Downsize.

NHS Services

Access to key healthcare services is one of the most important things to consider when choosing where to move. You can use our page on overview of Elderly Care Services in Kent to find out more the provision of healthcare in each area of Kent.


It is important to consider the transport services and schemes available for older people in a particular area, especially if your parents no longer drive. This is particularly true in terms of being able to access health appointments. To find out more about transport support for older people in Kent, look at our guides to Patient Transport Services in Kent and local Community Transport Schemes.

Sheltered Housing in Kent

Sheltered housing, also known as Extra Care housing, is accommodation that is specifically designed for older people to allow them to continue living independently, in a safer environment. Usually it will be a self-contained flat within a larger block, with communal facilities.

Most sheltered housing offers 24-hour emergency care, ongoing check-ups and support from staff, communal social spaces, dining areas, and activities for residents.

Downsizing in Kent

Sheltered housing is available throughout Kent, including from local authorities, although it can also be bought or rented privately.

In Kent, sheltered housing is organised by the local district councils. You can see a list of the sheltered housing facilities owned by each district council on the Kent County Council website. Before applying to a sheltered housing scheme your relative will most likely need to undergo a care needs assessment. You can find out more from Age Space’s guide to Getting a Care Needs Assessment in Kent.

Alternatively, you can search for private sheltered housing in Kent using the website.

Kent Retirement Housing

Retirement communities in Kent

Retirement housing is similar to sheltered housing, but with a greater focus on communal living and shared facilities. Generally speaking, retirement homes offer the opportunity to rent or buy a room or apartment within a larger complex/building with some shared facilities. Retirement homes differ from nursing homes in that there is less nursing care immediately available to residents.


As with care homes, many retirement homes ask that potential residents undergo a care needs assessment, to check that they are able to meet the resident’s care needs. You can search for retirement homes in Kent from the website.


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