Elder Abuse Recovery Service

Elder Abuse Recovery Service

Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Sussex

The Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Sussex is a specialist volunteer-based service supporting victims of elder abuse.

EARS is part of the national Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) organisation, which is based in London and operational across the UK. AEA has branches in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. It has a vision of a society which values older people and one in which they can live free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust. Where such abuse occurs, AEA seeks an environment in which it can be identified and addressed.


What is the Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Sussex?

The objective for EARS is to support clients in their recovery from elder abuse, with the aim of putting the trauma behind them and to help them start re-building their lives. Specifically, volunteers help clients find social activities and new social contacts. This can prevent them being isolated and without support for the future. Other positive impacts can be improvements in clients’ emotional and physical wellbeing and regaining their confidence and independence.   

How does this Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Specialist Volunteering Service work?

EARS support clients, after the abuse has been ended, who have become a victim of psychological, sexual, physical, financial abuse, including victims of scams and rogue traders or neglect.

There is also support available, assessed on a case-by-case basis, for people still within an abusive situation, involving psychological or financial abuse. Telephone support would initially be available and cases would then be reviewed when the abuse had ended.

Volunteers are matched with an EARS client and help find them regular activities to support the person’s recovery. These activities will range from weekly telephone support to escorting them on visits to social activities.

Volunteers of all backgrounds and experience are welcome, including those with any specialisms such as nursing, social care, counselling or psychotherapy, and all volunteers will receive EARS and AEA training to provide the skill set necessary to assist clients in their recovery.

Clients can be self-referrals, from family or friends or via Adult Safeguarding/Local authorities and other agencies and organisations. Before any contact with a potential client can take place, consent must have been explicitly provided.

The client must be over the age of 55, have capacity to consent and acknowledge that they have been a victim of abuse. Currently, they must be a resident within East Sussex or Brighton and Hove. We are however looking into extending our remit to cover West Sussex – watch this space!

For more information about the Elder Abuse Recovery Service Sussex please contact our local Volunteer Co-ordinator, Gail Shanahan on: 07508 823975 or alternatively at: gailshanahan@elderabuse.org.uk

Or call the Action on Elder Abuse Helpline (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) 080 8808 8141.

Thank you.


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