6 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly

6 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly were first introduced in the UK in the early 1980s. They are often worn as a necklace or wrist band allowing the user to press a panic button for assistance. There is a still a big need for personal alarms for the elderly in today’s society with more elderly and disabled people requiring home care.

We’ve compiled this useful resource of some of the best personal alarms for the elderly on the market.

Personal Alarms for the Elderly

suresafe personal alarm system

1. Sure Safe

SureSafe Alarms is a Telecare and Assistive Technology company specialising in personal alarms for the elderly. With over 15 products available ranging from fall alarms, key safe alarms and pendant alarms to help your elderly parent maintain their independence in the home. Sure Safe are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and products, while distributing at an affordable price for all. Offering safety and security to elderly people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, aiming to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. For more information on the products and services available go to the website.

Best price: £77.95 (checked on 13th November 2019) with 1 Pendant + 2 Wristbands (No monthly Fees) Available here

2. LifeLine 24

Lifeline 24 is a dedicated national personal alarm provider that provides a low cost pendant alarm service for the elderly and disabled. Offering a wide range of products to help your elderly parent stay safe in the home. LifeLine 24’s personal alarm pendant is a small, discreet pendant that can be worn around the wrist or neck with a button. It operates using the European Social Alarm frequency so it doesn’t interfere with any other medical equipment in the home. For assistance the user has to activate the pendant by pressing the button, from there an alarm is sent to the monitoring centre, they will then talk to your elderly parent through the monitoring base unit’s loudspeaker. The monitoring centre will then try and arrange for a family member, friend, neighbour or emergency services to respond to your elderly parent. For more information on personal alarms for the elderly check out the website.

Price Range: £14.99 monthly plan (plus one-off setup fee of £42), £185 annual plan (includes £42 setup fee), or £269 annual fall detector plan (includes £42 setup fee).

3. Telecare 24

Telecare 24 is a leading careline service specialising in personal alarms for the elderly. To help your elderly parent stay safe at home, Telecare 24 offer a range of waterproof, wireless personal alarms connecting through to a control centre that provide immediate support to your elderly parent. It’s easy to use and all your elderly parent has to do in their moment of stress is press the button on the pendant. Taking them straight through to the care team who will contact the emergency services or family and friends. Other products to help support elderly people in the home are sensor alarms detecting a range of things such as smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature extremes, bogus caller alerts, floods, PIR, epilepsy, falls and pull cords. Telecare 24 is dedicated to supporting your loved ones, thinking about their well-being and installing only the most technically advanced and reliable care alarms. For more information and payment plans check out the website.

Price Range: from £13.99 monthly / £120 annually.

4. Saga SOS Alarms

Saga aims to reassure you that they will be there for you and your elderly parent regardless of how big or small their issue is. Being on call 24/7, providing personal care alarms for the elderly, offering instant support and help when they need it and ensuring that your elderly parent feels safe in the home. Saga SOS alarms, is a subscription service providing alarms for all elderly people. The personal alarm pendant is a wristband or necklace that can be worn by your elderly parent which has a panic button and alarm system set up to instantly connect them to Saga’s response team who will then contact a family member. The FAQ page is well worth checking out if you’re still worried. For more information on price packages check out the website. And if you’re still worrying their are additional products to add on to your personal alarm including key safes, smoke detector and intruder movement detector, plus many more.

Price Range: £15.95 (ex. VAT) or £19.14 (inc. VAT) monthly

5. Helpline

Helpline has been around for along time, making a great name for themselves and have an outstanding reputation for their response to care calls and great customer service. The safety of your elderly parent is their priority and they are determined to help keep them safe at all times. If your worried about your elderly parent being home alone and falling ill then may be Helpline’s products can help settle your worries. Helpline offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week care line offering a range of products and personal alarms for the elderly including single and double pendant and base systems for not just one elderly parent but two! The pendants can help when your elderly parent is feeling ill, has a fall or requires immediate assistance. Statistics suggest that one in two people over the age of 75 will suffer a fall each year. Helpline are trying to give elderly people their independence back in the home and give immediate assistance after a fall.

Price Range: from £99 to £189 one off.

6. Age UK

Charity Age UK has partnered with PPP Taking Care to provide a personal alarm service. It includes access to a 24-hour emergency response centre through a single button worn on the neck or wrist. Packages can be configured with or without installation, and can be specified with optional key safes and additional alarm users.

Price Range: initial setup fee – £69 or £129 with installation, plus £47.31 per quarter. All prices exclude VAT.

Your Personal Alarm can be a life saver for your Elderly Parents (literally!). So it’s well worth investing in one for peace of mind.  If you found this useful, you may also find out piece on Keeping Elderly Parents Active quite handy too!

Have a question about personal alarms, or would like to ask for recommendations? Come over to our friendly Care Forum and have a chat, we’re a friendly bunch!

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